About Us

Our Mission

To prevent blindness and preserve sight.

One in four children will start school this year with undetected vision problems that can impair their ability to learn and become a productive citizen of Indiana.

Undetected or untreated vision problems can compromise worker productivity and potentially create a driving hazard. A common myth shared by many adults is that losing your eyesight is a part of aging. Today, many eye diseases - cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration - can be treated to improve and delay loss of vision.

PBI provides free screening to thousands of Hoosiers each year. Financial assistance is available to qualifying individuals to offset any needed follow-up treatment.

Our History

Prevent Blindness Indiana (PBI) originated from a society organized in the mid-1940s and became Prevent Blindness America’s (PBA) first affiliate in 1950.  

PBI is the only organization in the state of Indiana that trains and certifies community volunteers to conduct vision screenings based on standards set by a national organization whose research has dictated the most effective equipment and protocols to use.

Our Funding

PBI has conducted programs for younger children, teenagers and adults for nearly 60 years and is an ever-changing organization to meet the needs of the community.  

PBI does not receive annual government funds, is not a United Way agency and does not charge a fee for its many services.  PBI is dependent on the generosity of individuals, corporations, municipalities, foundations, organizations, People of Vision Auxiliary (POV) and its endowment to help establish and carry out its vision for the community. 

            Special events include:

    • Sight for Life Annual Luncheon
    • Eye Ball Gala & Awards Dinner
    • Most Beautiful Eyes Contest
    • Eye Rock: a benefit concert
    • A Moveable Feast (supported by People of Vision Auxiliary)